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About Sprinkle It

Everything in life is better with sprinkles...


Sprinkle It is a small business specializing in custom treats for any occasion that are sure to impress.  We believe that these sweets should not only taste amazing, but also create a visual memory that will last forever.  Let Sprinkle It make your next celebration extra special with our personalized and delectable treats.

Owner: Janna Kleineman

I was born a treat lover and continue to build this same love of sweets in my three girls!  I love to cook and bake for family and friends and I never send a child off empty handed to anyone's home.  I have always loved to add a little something extra to everything I make so you not only remember how yummy the treats taste, but also how special and exciting they look.  Sprinkles are definitely my favorite accessory.


I have a B.S. Degree in Food Service and Hospitality Management from Florida International University.

Treats are prepared in a kitchen that comes into contact with allergens.

Ingredients may contain soy, sesame, nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat.

These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection.

Sprinkle It Is a Cottage Licensed LLC in the State of Minnesota.

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